Golden Magic 2022

What a great fall season we had! I don’t remember a time we had such a beautiful October. Enjoying 2 months of colourful leaves and clear, sunny skies was such a gift. I treasured and relished the perfect temperatures, as I now brace for on-coming winter.

My Golden Hour Family Sessions were a huge success, with so many beautiful families. It was an honour to capture your memories. I know you will look back on these images with joy, for a lifetime.

I know often people will have regrets about making large purchases but getting professional images will never be something you regret doing. If finances are your obstacle to getting family photos done, start saving now for next year. Put aside some money each month, for Golden Hour 2023! Bookings typically open in June. You can join my email list on the homepage, to have the information sent to your inbox. Scroll to the very bottom of the homepage, if the pop-up doesn’t appear.

I will share some of my favourite images from each session, in individual blog posts over the coming week.


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