There is some real gold in here, so make sure you read these before booking.

When should I book my session?

I recommend booking your session at least 3-4 months in advance. I take only 8 bookings a month, to give me enough time for consultations and ordering appointments, along with your session. By keeping my bookings low it allows me to give YOU better service. Occasionally there are still last-minute spaces available, so don’t hesitate to check in, if you missed that time frame.

Are there any hidden costs in your fees?

No, not at all. I hate being faced with sneaky ‘extra costs’ myself, so I made my packages all inclusive. The package prices + gst, are the totals. If you choose to, at your ordering appointment, there is the option to purchase extras, but it is not required.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are definitely possible, if there is enough time before your session date to do this. This is why I recommend booking your session at least 3-4 months in advance. A minimum $400 deposit is due upon booking and the remainder can be split into 2 or 3 more payments. Your full package price is due prior to your session date. Sessions will not occur without full payment made.

Do I need to come for a consultation?

If your time is limited and you can’t make it in for a consultation, but would still like to book, that is no problem. We can have a phone conversation or a video chat to make decisions around colour choices and clothing options. I have had many clients just leave it all up to me to plan the shoot too. Your level of involvement with the planning is up to you.

What do I wear for my session?

I love helping my clients plan outfits for the whole family. Your clothing is so important in your professional images. This is why I have built my own client closet. I have a selection of outfits for babies, children and Mamas that are comfortable and photograph beautifully. You don’t have to worry about finding your own clothing, I’ve got you covered. When you come for your client consultation you can see the selection and try items on in advance.

Can I wear my own clothes for my session? Or do I need to use the client closet?

You most definitely can wear your own clothes for your session. The client closet is just there as a bonus, should you wish to use it. We discuss in advance the styling for your session, so that your professional images look their best. I can also link you to some amazing websites where you can select an outfit of your own. Sometimes I make a special offer in exchange for client-brought-in outfits, should you want to make a trade, following your shoot.

Can we do family photos during my maternity | newborn | milestone session?

Of course! My new studio space has enough room to keep everything set up and ready to go, so making a jump between sets is an easy task. Siblings and family shots are so important. I want you to have those memories to, so they are strongly encouraged.

Why can’t I do a posed newborn session with the PRO package?

This is a great question and something I get asked often. Posed newborn sessions take a lot of time. One pose can take 25 minutes to get baby in position. It is strictly the time limitations that make a newborn posed session impossible with the PRO package. A lifestyle session however is much quicker, as there is no waiting time for posing. Baby is photographed naturally, as the family interacts with baby. So, only lifestyle newborn session are available with the PRO package.

Is it possible to do a mix of lifestyle and posed images?

Yes, this is possible for all session types EXCEPT newborn sessions with the PRO package. Maternity, milestone and family sessions can include both styles for all packages.

How soon do we get to see our photos?

Seeing your pictures is the best part! At your session you will pick a date in the following week to come back for your image reveal. By showing you the proof images, it allows us to meet together much quicker. Proofs are partially edited images. Once you make your final selections, I do a full, final edit on those images.  

For those who book the LUX package, your reveal will be a bit later as you will see your full gallery with final edits complete, as your package includes your full gallery of images.

Is there an online gallery I can show my family?

Short answer is no. Sorry, I have had lots of issues with image theft through online galleries and screen shots, so I no longer provide this option. If you live far out of town, we can arrange a video image reveal, to save you from another long trip to Lloydminster. I highly recommend attending in-person though, as it is much easier to make product selections when you can see and touch the samples AND it is also a lot more fun! 

Can I bring extended family to the image reveal?

At this time extended family is not allowed at the image reveal. If you have extended family that would like to order items, they can arrange a separate ordering appointment with me, at no charge.

How many pictures are in a full gallery?

A full gallery has 40-50 images. These are the best images taken at your session and what you will see at your image reveal and ordering appointment.

Can I upgrade my package at my ordering appointment?

Yes! If you decide, after seeing your images, that you want to buy more of them, you can. Digital images are not sold individually but you can upgrade to the next package. This gives you more images and a higher print credit to use on products. The only draw-back about upgrading after your photo session, is that you will miss out on the extra time allotments as well as video capture with the LUX package. There are no discounts for upgrading later. If you don’t want to make the full jump to another package you can just purchase additional products, over your print credit.

How long till my products arrive?

This is a hard one to put a date on, especially with shipping delays we are seeing worldwide. Some items come quickly, within 1-2 weeks after edits are complete, so it largely depends on what products you order. My edits are generally done in 1-2 weeks and orders are placed as soon as possible. The albums and custom hand-carved frames come from Europe and those take the longest, around 6-8 weeks. If you would like your digitals and small prints as soon as they arrive, you can make a separate pick up, ahead of the rest of your items. Whichever items you order, I am doing my best to get them to you as soon as I can.

Do you travel and offer in-home photography?

At this time, I am only working out of my studio in Lloydminster, Alberta. The studio is brand new and styled with a boho bedroom scene. Please reach out and message anyways and we can chat about the possibility of a travel session. This will depend on my schedule and your location.