This private 1:1 mentoring program will occur in my brand-new home studio in Lloydminster, Alberta. The course runs from 8am-5pm on a mutually agreed upon date. Lunch and snacks are included throughout the day.

I want to make your learning experience the most beneficial for you, so you can elevate your skills and abilities as a newborn photographer. We can cover styling, set-up, posing, lighting, wrapping, camera settings, safety, workflow, editing... just to name a few! We will discuss in advance what you are looking to learn from this experience, and I will customize the day towards these goals.

Hands on instruction in a mentoring session with Jen Isackson Photography will get you on the path you want, quicker than any online learning.

Are you struggling with poses and angles? Are you looking to fast track your learning and improve your images in a short amount of time?

in the newborn photography industry?


Are you

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The day will be customized towards your goals.

It isn’t just about seeing how the job is done but trying it yourself and practicing it, with a pro to guide you along the way.

I will bring in 2 newborn models for your mentoring session. With the first model I will demonstrate my beanbag workflow and with the second model, you will take the lead as I assist and advise. The images you capture during your mentoring session can be used for your portfolio. We can cover a lifestyle family portion as well as posed beanbag workflow. Unlike a workshop, mentoring is a customized experience tailored just for you. We will discuss your goals in advance to allow for this.

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For your mentoring session you will need:

DSLR camera with one of these lenses: 35mm | 50mm | 24-70mm (a 35mm is recommended)

Memory cards

Know how to shoot in manual mode (ISO, aperture, shutter speed)

Notebook and pen

Computer for editing and cords to upload your memory card to your computer

Photoshop with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) OR Lightroom, and have basic understanding how to use them.








included with


My beanbag posing guide showing my 6 go-to poses

My JIP ACR presets

And some new headshots for you!

Transportation and accommodations are not included in your tuition. Lloydminster is a very small city and easy to navigate. We have a small airport with flights from Calgary, should you choose to fly. 

Your $600 deposit is due to book a 1:1 mentoring session, with the remainder due prior to your mentoring date.

*Mentoring sessions are now open to all photographers

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Contact me for pricing if you are interested in 2:1 mentoring session with a friend.