What is a posed session?

This is one of the questions I get asked most often by my clients! What is a Posed session? I offer two styles of photography for your session, Lifestyle and Posed. This blog post is all about my Posed style of photography.

Posed photography is just that, poses. I work with you and your family to place you in flattering positions at just the right angles to capture ‘the perfect shot’. These images are beautiful studio captures with solid backgrounds and strobe lighting. Strobe lighting gives stronger contrast in your images; brighter lights and darker shadows for that classic ‘photo studio’ vibe.

The family portion of your session involves group photos of your whole family together. I like to get those out of the way first, before kids are too comfortable and want to run around and explore. After the group photo I capture your children together as siblings and then the kids with both parents. This would complete the family portion of your session.

You can see examples below of what a posed family session would look like:

If this is a newborn session, there is also the option of newborn poses. These images are just baby, on her own in sweet, sleepy poses. These poses are available ONLY with the ACE newborn package. Due to time shortages, I cannot fit posed images into the DIJ or MINI packages. I have a large selection of backdrop colours and accessories for these newborn poses. I provide all props, wraps, hats and headbands.

Another Posed session option is Milestone images. These sessions are for babies 2 months – 12 months old. You get to select adorable outfits and accessories to go with my large selection of backdrops and props. Always remember that posed = strobe lighting with a backdrop. You can see some posed milestone images below.

I hope this has given you a clear idea of what a Posed Session looks like. Some benefits to a posed session are that we don’t need to rely on the weather in order to shoot. Strobe photography can work even on a dark, cloudy day and allows for afternoon session slots (newborn sessions always occur in the morning when baby is most sleepy).

There are a few drawbacks to posed photography, in that it takes more time for each pose. Especially working with babies and toddlers… we often keep adjusting and shooting. If you think your child is too busy to sit still long, you may want to consider a lifestyle session which is often more relaxed and chill.

If you have anymore questions regarding this style of photography, or you’d like to book a session, please reach out via my contact form here. Keep on the lookout for my Lifestyle Session post, that is coming soon!


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