What is a lifestyle session?

The word “lifestyle’ is commonly used by photographers but it isn’t always understood by the general population.

Lifestyle refers to ‘being an example of your life’…

Now obviously you don’t want photographs of your dirty counter of dishes and the piles of clean laundry unfolded all over your couch. Lifestyle is more an example of what a ‘good day’ at your house would look like.

Lifestyle photography is capturing images of your natural interactions with your children and your loved ones. It can be you playing on the floor with your toddler, rocking and feeding your baby in their nursery or looking into your partners eyes and feeling all that love shining back at you.

The goal of a lifestyle session is to capture your connections with the ones you love.

This is a VERY different approach to posed studio photography AND I think you might be surprised by how much you LOVE seeing your world through another’s eyes… Mine!

With Lifestyle photography you aren’t posing for the camera and saying cheese. Imagine for a moment…

You have a girlfriend and their little one over for a playdate. You carry on your normal life activities as you hang out and visit, surrounded by the chaos that follows children. You attend to their needs, play and chat. This is what a lifestyle session is like.

These sessions are easy going, relaxed and casual (but that doesn’t mean your clothes have to be casual). It can be fancy too! Once my new studio is complete I will have a corner set up as a bedroom in order to do lifestyle sessions at my studio. You will need to wait till May for this option but it is going to be incredible!

Lifestyle can apply to newborns, milestones, family and maternity sessions.

These sessions can happen in your own home, outdoors (June-September) or in my NEW studio space (come May 2021).

Hopefully this helped you figure out if lifestyle photography is for you AND if it isn’t, you can still select regular studio sessions.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll see if I can help you decide which route to go.



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