Amazing Reveals…

I love showing what goes on behind the scenes in professional editing. Most of my job is not actually in front of the camera, but in front of a computer.

Editing takes far longer than photographing a session. Each photograph is edited from scratch to make your little one (and your family) look their best.

The skin editing is the primary time consumer. Newborns don’t usually have the best skin in those first few weeks. Many of them need colour adjustments, as they are too red, too yellow, too orange or too grey lol. It is an adventure finding just the right settings to balance them to neutral skin tones.

In addition to the skin work there is using background fill and removal of objects, rotating, exposure corrections, skin smoothing, cropping and any final style edits.

Editing is part of the creative process and each photographer does it differently.

If you are a photographer and are interested in learning editing, book a private 1:1 mentoring day at my studio in Lloydminster Alberta.

These mentoring sessions include 2-3 model shoots and cover styling, set-up, posing, lighting, wrapping, camera settings, safety, workflow and editing! I even include some of my own actions and presets that aren’t available for sale.

Book your mentorship today.


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