Maternity Memories

Was your pregnancy a beautiful, joyful time? Was it riddled with illness and discomfort? Or perhaps a mix of both?

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every mother. It may not have been easy or very enjoyable (as my HG pregnancy can attest to) but it always has those special moments. The first flutter of movement you recognize, the first sonogram where you get to see your little one and hear their heart beat. Even those hard kicks that make you pee your pants, or cry out in pain and surprise. It is truly an experience that can’t be described in full. To carry a baby inside of you creates a bond that no other can replicate. This time is so short and having pictures of that time can help you to remember those treasured moments.

Maternity sessions are best between weeks 28-34 of your pregnancy. When your belly has ‘popped’ and before you reach the end of pregnancy with the water retention and swelling. When you book your consultation, you get to come in and try on outfits from the client closet for your session. A maternity session can include family pictures and photos of you and that beautiful belly. Select from the PRO, GEM or LUX package and when you book a NEWBORN session WITH your maternity session, you save $300.

Take a look through some of the outfit options available to my clients (these are sizes L-XL). Most of these dresses are not maternity specific and can be used for your newborn session as well. Sizes are available in S-XXL and lots of those can be made to fit smaller using hidden clamps while we shoot.

*I do not offer nudes or partial nudes but I do like to see your belly exposed, if that is something you would like*

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