The JIP Client Closet

Take a look at the options available for your session at Jen Isackson Photography!

Selecting outfits for your family can be simple and fun. Take a look through the galleries to see what items you like best, in the sizes that will work for your family members. Create a favourite list by clicking on the heart icon and use your email address to save the list. You can also writes notes in your favourites, to help with your decisions. Once you have your favourites together, you can better see what colour palette you are working with. I recommend choosing 3-5 different colours for your family. These colours will help you fill in the missing pieces needed for Dad or other children that don’t have sizes available. Much of my client closet is a consistent colour palette and would go very well with the other pieces.

Mama Closet

These dresses are not strictly maternity but can be worn by all Mamas. I did my best to put the sizes on each image, that could fit. Often larger dresses can be clamped, to fit smaller sizes (these clamps are hidden in the images captured so you can’t see the clamps). Many of the dresses are also stretchy or have large flowing skirts which can fit a larger range of sizes. Of course all bodies will fit items differently, so trying on your final choices at your session is important.

Infant Closet

The infant gallery contains all items in the newborn – 24 month size range. These are not based on the age of your baby, but on general infant clothing sizes. I have included weight approximations on the newborn items as they are more specific. I do not have outfits available for newborns under 6 lbs. Instead your tiny baby will be wrapped for your session. I have dozens of wrap colour options available for use. Those can be selected at your session. I included a few accessory items in the gallery but also have a large number of headbands available for baby girls. These can be matched with your chosen outfits, at your session.

Child Closet

Sizes 2T-14. The childrens sizes tend to be fairly close to the age of your child. There are a variety of options in this category for boys and girls. I have many headbands available for use and recommend that all children go barefoot. Please make sure that your children do not have any worn away nail polish or temporary tattoos, on your session date. I do not remove nail polish in editing. I try to remove temporary tattoos but it isn’t always possible. There aren’t many options for sizes over 6, in my client closet. Most families with newborns have younger children so I haven’t built up the older age group with as many choices. For boys I recommend solid coloured shirts and pants that will go well with the colours chosen. If you’d like to select your own outfits I can recommend some great sites for you to purchase from. Make sure you have enough time prior to your session for shipped items to arrive.

All session information can be found HERE! If you would like to book, follow the links on that page to start your inquiry with Jen Isackson Photography.

I can’t wait to capture your loved ones.



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