That’s a Wrap

Fussy babies are tough! I know, I gave birth to a few of them myself.

Every baby is so different. Sometimes newborns are facing challenges with feeding, when they come to their photo session. Many times this means the baby is feeling discomfort and that can make a newborn session very challenging.

We do our best to help your little one be happy and comfortable. Often this means we don’t get a large variety of images, but we strive to get a few great ones to treasure. Fussy babies love to be wrapped and this is mainly where we can get beautiful shots for you to take home. They also can be more content with the poses that put baby on their tummy. Just like this little guy below.

Try not to worry too much about a session going poorly. I almost never have a session where we just can’t get baby to settle (probably only 2-3 in the entire 10 years I have been photographing newborns). If that truly is the case and we can’t get any photographs taken, then I will recommend trying on another day. Baby just might need more time to settle into his or her new world 🙂


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