Remember when…

Remember when it was still fall? I can’t believe we made it to January 6th without snow sticking on the ground. That was mind blowing lol. I will forever remember 2023 as the longest autumn of my life. I could live with that kind of weather every year 🙂

Things have been quiet here at JIP. I am going to call it what it is…. inflation! One problem with inflation is that the extras, like photography, take a back seat to say… eating food. I get it, everything is SO expensive right now. It is insane. I have been enjoying the photography down time but am still kept pretty busy, homeschooling my kids.

With the New Year and my 10th Anniversary at Jen Isackson Photography, I am working on a Newborn Mentorship Program. I have been planning this for a few years now and I am so excited to share my skills and experience with other photographers. If you are interested in diving into the newborn photography world, take a look at a mentorship with me.

Another new addition for 2024, is the Newbie Package. This is a newborn only, beanbag shoot for $699. This falls in between my DIJ and ACE packages, for those families who want only posed pictures of their newborn. You can see the details below!

That brings me back to the beginning of this post, which is a catch up on blogging my golden hour fall family shoots! This family of girls is adorable and I sure loved capturing their littlest one again. Your babies grow up so quickly.


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