Golden Hour Family Photos

There is no time as magical, as sunset golden hour!

Golden Hour occurs about 1 hour before the sun is set, when the sky is filled with beautiful golden colours and hues. This time of day is ideal for photography as the sun is low in the sky, giving the perfect directional light.

These sessions are my favourite style of family photography. No posing and trying to get children to ‘smile for the camera’. These sessions are lifestyle captures. You explore the area with your children while I take pictures. There is a lot of playing, laughing, chasing and tickles.

I am always moved by the emotion captured during these sessions. Life is such a gift. There is so much love and joy and beauty to be found in it. Being a parent and raising children can be such a blur. So often we don’t slow down and take in the everyday moments. These photos capture your ‘moments’. The ones you never want to forget.

Golden hour sessions occur in late August and Early September. There are just a few short weeks available to capture these sessions, as weather quickly changes and the leaves all fall. Nothing is quite as short as our Autumn, here in Lloydminster. This years sessions are already over but make sure to watch for the next postings in late spring. Golden Hour sessions go live for booking in May/June of 2022. Join my PERKS group for email updates about booking these special offers.


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