Brothers Celebrating ONE!

I am so blessed to have many returning clients that come back year after year, and baby after baby. It truly warms my heart to see your families grow! Thank you for your trust and your friendship.

This is my fourth session with this family and I have truly enjoyed these boys. Little brother turned one and we celebrated with family pictures and with cake.

He wasn’t a big fan of getting dirty or eating his cake but adorable pictures were still captured. Scroll down to the bottom to see what big brothers birthday celebration was like!

Big brother (below) was the first session in my brand new studio! We didn’t even have all the furniture yet but it was so fun to capture in my new space.

I don’t think the boys look alike at all but they definitely each take after a parent. Genetics are so cool.

Big brother had balloons (before I switched to a simpler birthday style). He sure loved diving into his cake and making a mess. We had a lot of laughs.


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