An ACE First Birthday

Your little ones First Birthday is a BIG celebration!

If you like to go all out, then the Birthday ACE package is what you want. This includes family pictures, pictures of baby alone and a cake smash/bath portion, along with ALL your gallery digitals (40-50). You will need to provide the cake but I will photograph the fun that ensues, or the tears lol.

My Birthday sessions are very simple sessions, without themes or decor. I want your images to be timeless and something you would want to put on your wall. A simple white cake and a diaper cover are all that is needed for these classic sessions. You do have access to the client closet for your birthday baby and your family photos. Take advantage of the amazing outfits available.

We did sibling pictures for this family, as part of their ACE package.

This session was a great example of what happens when baby doesn’t like their cake OR the bath. That is why we always do fun clean pictures first, in case everything else is a bust! Check out these adorable happy photos, before the cake came out.

And cue the tears…

The ACE package includes your full gallery of digital images. This is 40-50 pictures you get to treasure from your photo session. Typically a First Birthday ACE session has a lot more cake smashing and bath pictures but this guy wasn’t happy, so the smash and splash was very very short.

The MINI session is a short 30 minute, lifestyle session for your birthday baby. It includes family pictures and clean pictures of baby. There is not enough time in the MINI to have a smash and splash.

The DIJ session can include a cake smash and splash. Remember that this package only includes 10 images and it will be so hard to narrow down a Birthday Session to just 10 photos. I for sure recommend the ACE, if you want to do a cake smash and bath.


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