Your Guide to In-Home Sessions

I have recently added in-home lifestyle newborn sessions, to my list of services. Today I’m here to give you a break down of what these sessions are and what to expect!

In-home, lifestyle sessions are completely different from studio newborn sessions.

In the studio, newborns, family and siblings are posed and staged by myself. It is a professional portrait session with extensive editing to perfect the final image.

A lifestyle session, done in your own home, is more like a documentary of real-life interactions. These images are unposed, showing your family snuggling and enjoying your new baby in a comfortable environment while I take pictures.

The prime locations for your in-home session are the main areas, near the windows. These sessions are all natural light so the windows will be the only light source.

The living room is first on the list. It usually has the best light because the windows are the largest. These photos include couch cuddles and siblings checking out baby on the floor, or holding them in their arms. It can show feeding baby, looking at their tiny little feet and peeking over Dad’s shoulder.

The next best space is the baby’s new nursery. You have worked hard to create this sweet space for your new little one. I love capturing baby in their crib just in their diaper and then wrapped, snug and cozy. I adore images of siblings peering in the crib at this new arrival, or puppies on their back legs trying to catch a sniff.

The third location is optional if you choose. The master bedroom. Often you have a bassinet in here and it is a space you spend a lot of time in. Here is where we do family photos on the bed. Everyone snuggled in tight adoring on that sweet baby, or even younger siblings having fun jumping on the bed.

However many rooms you choose is really up to the lighting available as well as how much you want to clean before I come ๐Ÿ™‚

In order to make your lifestyle session the best it can be, there are some things you need to do in advance, in order to create the best backgrounds for your images.

A reminder here that these instructions should NOT be completed by Mom…. she just had a baby (or even 2 or more) and she NEEDS to REST! So Dad, grandpa, grandma, auntie or friends, step in and offer to help prepare their space.

  • First is a personal request. Please if you have pets, vacuum your home before I come. I am allergic to cats and dogs and it would be such a help for me while I am there. THANK YOU!!!  Also please keep pets in a closed room during the session.  If you’d like them in a few shots we can still do that and then return them to another room. This will help reduce any allergy symptoms while I shoot. I will already have taken antihistamines prior to my arrival.
  • Remove all clutter from shooting areas (items that don’t belong there).  Move all papers, kleenex boxes, remotes, lotions. Stash all large baby items (bouncy chairs, swings, toys) out of the way just for the session.  The windows will be my main shooting area so keeping those spaces as simple as possible is best.  Think of it as prepping those spaces as if you were selling your home and had viewers coming in.
  • I ask you to send me a video 360 of each room you’d like to photograph in so I can see your spaces and plan for any adjustments that need to be made (via text or messenger).
  • I recommend having a special outfit for baby as well as a cute swaddle wrap/hat in which we can take pictures.  Plan the remainder of the families clothing so it goes well together.  No characters, words or logos visible on clothing.  It can be simple jeans/leggings and a nice top.  Something you feel comfortable in. No hats and no socks OR if you must wear socks choose solid coloured ones that match your pants. We don’t need crazy socks distracting from your sweet baby!
  • Set your house temperature at 24C the morning of your session.  I will do some shots of your baby in just their diaper and we want them to be warm for those.
  • Don’t forget to let me know your home address and any tips to help me find it!
  • IMPORTANT – don’t dress babies or siblings in their ‘picture clothes’ until I arrive.  They inevitably have an accident or spill on them before pictures start. Make sure siblings are fed a snack before I arrive, so they don’t need to stop and eat in the middle.

NOTE: We may need to adjust furniture slightly to get the best lighting. I will ask Dad to assist me with this.

There are quite a few things on that list to prepare your home but lifestyle sessions are really easy on baby. Follow your regular feeding and sleeping schedule.  You will be home and have everything you could possibly need ๐Ÿ™‚ We take breaks as needed for feeding or I can even capture you with your baby in this special moment. The in-home Lifestyle session will be around 2 hours in length. I start with just baby alone which gives Mom some extra time to finish hair and make-up.  The beauty of the in-home session is that each family member can do what they want, until I am ready for them to be in the shot.  No need for all to be involved for the full 2 hours. This is especially beneficial for young siblings who don’t stay still for very long.

If you think a Newborn Lifestyle Session is for you please contact me. Don’t forget to mention in the comments that you would like a lifestyle session, as these haven’t gone live yet on my website.

In regards to our current Covid-19 situation: At this time I will be wearing a mask while in your home and I will wash my hands upon entering.  You are not required to wear a mask. 


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