Why do I need to book early?


Booking your sessions early…

I’m here to tell you about the reasons you should book your photography sessions in advance. Are you ready?

Here we go!

Number 1

My calendar often fills up in advance and if you wait until baby has arrived or just 2 weeks before your little ones birthday, I may not be able to fit you in.

I often get bookings up to 5 MONTHS in advance, especially for newborn sessions. Customer service is my number one priority! I don’t fill my schedule to the max with shooting because so much of my work happens after the camera is put away. I need time for the office work, the editing, the business demands, the planning, cleaning and setting up. To allow sufficient time for these things AND excellent customer service for you, I limit my monthly bookings to 8 sessions max. I highly recommend booking your spot at minimum 2 months in advance AND even sooner for newborns because of this next reason…

Number 2

Booking in advance gives us TIME to plan and prepare for YOUR dream session!

The JIP (Jen Isackson Photography) experience centres around a CUSTOM and UNIQUE session for you. To create these custom sessions we need time. Do you have something special you really want included? Do we need to order something and have it shipped? Does something need to be made or purchased for your custom experience? First birthdays are a great example of this. I recommend booking your birthday session at least 6 weeks in advance so there is time to find a baker, plan for your cake and decorations, even to find the clothing you want your child to wear during the shoot. I may need to order more balloons in the colour you want, or create a custom banner from scratch. These things take time so what do you need to do??? Book at least 2 months in advance!

Number 3

When you book your session months in advance, all you pay up front is the session deposit. This is around $200 (depending on what you book). The remainder of your fee will be due in full before your session date.

So if you are booking 5 months in advance, this gives you time to save and make smaller payments, over time. For some, these small instalments can be easier to manage than paying for the full session at one time. Generally I ask just for the deposit and then the remainder payment in the 2 weeks before your session date BUT if you’d like to set up smaller instalments just let me know. There is no additional fee for a payment plan, just the full amount needs to be paid before the photo session occurs.

And this last reason will save your energy and your sanity…

Number 4

Booking in advance gives you one less thing to worry about, during a very busy time in your life!

You are a busy Mother, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to find an available photographer, filling out forms and making a large payment, RIGHT AFTER you have given birth. Trust me when I say, you will be SO grateful for having that one item checked off your list, when your newest family member makes their debut. All you need to do after baby arrives is send me a quick message that they are HERE and we select a date for your session.

OF COURSE you can’t always plan in advance and I get that. I do often have last minute spots come up. If all my newborn bookings came early or late then I may have some spaces I’m able to fill. It NEVER hurts to ask and see if there is room on my calendar.

Just send me a message via my website forms.

I can’t wait to create your custom photography experience!


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