We have lost so much this year

In 2020 I made the switch from in-person ordering and products, to digital packages and online galleries. It was a test year for my business. I wanted to see which route I felt was best for me and for YOU, my clients.

Reflecting back on that trial run, it ended up not being the route I want to carry forward and this meant another change, for 2021.

I want to thank you for bearing with me, through these adjustments. I know it can be frustrating to always encounter different methods each time you return for a session. This past year, with all that has happened, really taught me the importance of human contact and connection.

Do you miss getting together with friends and family? Do you miss in-person work meetings and standing around the ‘water cooler’ catching up? I know I 100% miss it. The thing I miss the most is shaking hands at introductions. I miss standing close enough to hear what you are saying. I miss seeing YOUR smiling faces. I miss camaraderie!

The events of the past year have taken SO much from us. From all of us and I never, ever want to go back to that world of isolation.

All of this ^ had an impact on the 2021 restructure at Jen Isackson Photography. I want to get to know you and learn about what is important to you. Learning what you like and what you value; making a connection with you, it helps me to capture your relationships, in my photographs. Meeting in person is the beginning of what I hope will be a genuine association.

I have become friends with many of my clients. I treasure it. I love seeing your little ones grow up. I love to hear about their lives and each little milestone they reach.

I photograph families, because to me, there is nothing more tender and loving and real, then a family. This emotion and love is what drives my passion for photography.

With a 2021 session booking you get to come hang out at the studio 3 times! Wait, hold up… 3 times? Yes, 3 times! Now if that sounds like a big inconvenience for you, then I think maybe we aren’t the right fit. Cause I’m here to make this an experience you won’t forget.

Your first visit is the consultation. This can happen before you book a session (or for those who are really excited and book in advance) this will happen after. The consultation starts with a tour of the studio. I will show you all the props and accessories available for use. We will go through the package options and discuss what is the best fit for you. You will also be able to see and touch all the stunning heirloom products available for you to choose from, with your print credit. This meeting can be as quick as 20-30 minutes or take as long as an hour. I find we get chatting and the time just flies by! Should you choose to book AT your consultation, you will be able to select specific items for your photo shoot. This could be backdrops, clothing, or a tiny bed for your little ones newborn photos. If you choose to book later, don’t worry, you can still help make selections, it will just be over email instead of in person.

The next time I see you will be AT your photography session. We will capture stunning images and treasured memories you will never forget. Whichever package you chose will determine your time slot, but regardless of your package, it will be a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I can’t wait to show you what I can do.

Your final visit to the studio will be shortly following your session. I hope to have this meeting within the week. This is when you get to see your proof images and select which ones you’d like to keep forever. You will again take a look through the products and decide what you would like to use your print credit for. Then we make the selections specific to those items. Choosing album covers, frame styles, sizes, colours and quantities. I love the unique and exclusive products I have selected and I hope that you love them also.

Following this last appointment is the waiting game. Lots of work is done during this time with photo edits, album design and ordering of products. The wait can be hard but know that your custom heirloom pieces from around the world are in production and will be coming to you soon. When all your items arrive you will get to see me one last time, but this time I will come to you, to deliver your beautiful works of art (for those who live out of town you may need to travel in to pick up your order, depending on how far away you live).

I can’t wait to get your memories in your hands. To see them up on your walls and shared with all those you love. If this sounds like an experience you want to be part of, send me a message and we can schedule your consultation appointment. There is no fee to come in and see, if we are the right fit for your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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