Posed Newborn Session

If you are wondering what a FULL posed newborn session looks like, here it is!

Posed family photos happen on a solid coloured backdrop (select from white, mocha or dark grey). I start with Mama holding baby for the family photos and then capture Mom alone with baby.

Then we switch over to Dad holding baby and capture him alone, then back together with the whole family.

Depending on how cooperative older siblings are, we may do them first, or at the end of the family photos. I try to make it a special event for older siblings, by capturing images of them alone. They often love this part most!

More siblings would mean more pictures of course, but usually the family portion goes quickly and is complete within the first hour.

This is the point where older siblings are taken home (or on an adventure with a family member), while Mom and baby stay for the posed newborn shots. This usually takes 1.5-2 hours (depending how baby sleeps). NOTE: My studio is not childproof and is filled with lots of expensive equipment and items that are not safe for kids to be around. Older children MUST be taken home during the posing portion of the ACE session OR if you live out of town and it is too far to travel home and back to pick up Mom, then take the kids out on an adventure for the last 1.5 hours. It is usually the perfect time for a lunch out, with Dad. Thank you for respecting my studio space and helping to keep it in great condition.

For the posed images, you get to select 3 fabric backdrop colours as well as 2 props. We don’t always get through all my planned sets, as babies are unpredictable. If baby won’t sleep, then I wrap baby and continue to photograph awake shots. They almost always fall asleep once wrapped. We may run out of time before completing everything, but I do my best to get at least one prop and a few fabric poses. I will ask you which you prefer most, if we are running short on time and have to make some cuts.

The ACE package is the perfect option to get EVERYTHING from your session. It can be all posed (like this session) or it can be lifestyle family photos and posed newborn pictures (this is my MOST common request). The ACE package also includes ALL your gallery digitals, which is a minimum of 40 images. Trust me when I say that you won’t be able to choose less, because you will love them all!

So if it is in your budget, or if you can save to get it all…. I highly recommend the ACE package to capture all the memories you can. For the years truly are so short!

Here are the remaining pictures from this ACE session:


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