Cowboy Country

This year I had so many Cowboy’s bring their families for sunset sessions. It was an honour to capture their memories. Being a big city girl myself (only lived in Edmonton and Calgary before Lloydminster), I love to hear about farm life and how their young children live so wild + free! It is secretly what I wished for my children (even though I am allergic to all animals and nature LOL).

There is a movement happening across the country of families getting back to their roots. Returning to the land and learning to provide for themselves. It is a movement that really touches my heart. Being able to provide for my family, without fully relying on grocery stores, shopping and the power grid is a dream of mine. I may never get there but we are starting with LOTS of gardening, canning and preserving, as we make use of our city plot of land to grow what we can.

I may never be a farmer or a cowgirl but I will be prepared!


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