Capture Baby’s First Year for $699

When you book a newborn session with Jen Isackson you are eligible for the Baby’s First Year Plan.

This plan includes 3 milestone sessions, though your child’s first year, for only $699!

You will have access to my client closet for each of these sessions and at the end of your Baby’s First Year Plan, you will receive a wooden print box with 4×6 prints of your purchased digitals along with a USB of your digital images. Digital images are NOT included with each milestone session but are purchased separately. Select only the images you want, or buy them all. It is totally up to you. You can see the digital prices below.

The first session occurs around 4/5 months of age. Once baby can hold their head up, while on their tummy. This session is 30 minutes in length and can be lifestyle; photographed in my faux bedroom|sitting area OR you can select a solid coloured backdrop which is a posed style of photography.

The next session occurs around 8/9 months of age. When baby is sitting up independently. This session is also 30 minutes in length and can be lifestyle or posed. The session dates will vary for each child, as they reach milestones at such different times. Once you see your online image gallery, you will decide which digital images you’d like to purchase, following each session.

Your last milestone session is your baby’s first BIRTHDAY!

This session is 1 hour in length and includes balloons or a simple banner. You are welcome to bring your own cake for baby to smash and then we will end it with a short bath shoot, to clean up. Cakes are not provided due to allergy risks. I have baker and cake recommendations for you, should you decide to do a smash.

After you have completed your final session and purchased your last digitals, you will receive your print box with usb. It will include all the images you have purchased, from your Baby’s First Year.

That first year goes by so fast! It is incredible the changes they go through and all the things they learn, before their first birthday. Take this opportunity to document these changes with a Baby’s First Year Plan.

If you would like to add this on to your newborn booking, send me a message. Your $699 fee will be due in full, prior to your first milestone session. You must have had a newborn session with Jen Isackson Photography to qualify for this special offer.


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